Pentathlon United

Pentathlon United


Pentathlon United is an independent athlete representative body, representing thousands of pentathletes worldwide.

Together We Want To:

Deliver positive change in the leadership of our sport

Ensure Pentathletes have a meaningful voice in decisions affecting our sport

Create opportunities for Pentathletes around the world

Keep alive De Coubertin’s vision for the complete athlete at the Olympic Games

A modern vision, 100 years in the making.

Pentathlon is a thrilling spectacle – providing some of Olympic history’s most memorable stories, images and personal triumphs.

Combining fencing, swimming, showjumping and a combined laser-run, it remains the only sport created specifically for the Olympic Games by their founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin. For over a century, his dynamic sport has tested the ‘complete athlete’ – connecting the Modern and Ancient Games.

Now, the sport is on the edge of extinction as it is currently excluded from the Olympic Program after Paris 2024. In this process, the UIPM leadership has lost the support of the athletes after ignoring the overwhelming majority who asked to keep horse-riding as part of the sport.  

Weaknesses in governance include no term limits, abuse of process at Congress, repeated use of force majeure to avoid process and stacking its membership to secure votes. Klaus Schormann is the longest-serving IF President at 28 years, 7 years longer than Handball’s Hassan Moustafa.

We believe the time has come for a new vision – an athlete-centred future that reignites the sport in the eyes of athletes everywhere.

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